Regal Tech. is a china bass manufacturer of professional audio equipment since 1997. From the beginning conventional equalizer, crossover, amplifier, Now we have developed our owned DSP digital signal processing controller, SMPS power amplifier, module with DSP for the active loudspeaker etc. in 2007, We have move to a new owned build factory,over 8000 square meter of workshop, locate at the west of Guangzhou city.

We mainly have two production line, one is for electronic, eg amplifier, processor... , the other one is making loudspeaker, like cabinet, painting, x'over, and assembly...



We are located at the west of guangzhou city, the area is around 20,000 square meter, over 200 worker and 4 building, three of them is office and workshops, the other is living area.
Metal Workshp: making chassis, panel, and some flying harware and grill for loudspeaker.
Wooden Workshop: for wood cutting, painting, cabinet assembly.
Electronic Workshop: for PCB soldering, assembly, burn in, and packing.

Factory located at Gaoyao city, it take 1hrs 20mins from the Guangzhou airport.

No.2 Shiji road, Jindu Town,
Gaoyao city, Guangdong Province, China

the Top view of Regal area From google Earth,
Electronics Workshop
Loudspeaker Workshop
Metal Workshop
Quality Control
AP Test
Clio Test
Transportation Test
Burn-in Room Test
Temperature Test
High Voltage Test




Regal Technology Co., Ltd.
Add: No 2, Shiji Road, Jindu Town, Gaoyao City, Guangdong, China.
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